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Climasens offers a number of products that are modular and can be used together or in isolation for specific climate purposes and use cases.
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How we do it?
We help organizations understand their climate, using global climate models and weather observations, remote sensing, and real time sensor data.
Map real-time dataSenscity Data platformRealtime data from almost any type of IoT device. Data feeds are collected in an aggregated dashboard that enables users to visualize their project’s data streams in a single place, as well as develop their own threshold configuration, settings for notifications and actuation.
Analyze historic trendsClimate InsightsPlan for the future, by knowing your past. Our urban heat and precipitation insights modules let you understand universally-recognized temperature and precipitation indicators, that can be used as a global baseline for your project or strategy. Use this information to build a baseline context and understand past trends.
Generate your own insights and actionsThresholds Triggers + AlertsSet thresholds based on real time sensor observations. Once triggered, notifications are delivered to you. Use this to automate reporting for compliance purposes, send out warnings, and optimize maintenance tasks.
Engage stakeholdersClimate EngagementUse QR codes to sync with realtime data from IoT sensors and realtime forecasting, providing ways for citizens or asset owners to understand climate monitoring programs
Case Studies
SMARTER Greener Cities, Stockholm, Sweden
Climate Risk Assessment
Operational Resilience
Climate Resilience Planning
Green Infrastucture Assessments
Monitoring Urban Climate Conditions
Emergency Management
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